Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a manager, an employee or simply a person looking for a new job or career, hiring a coach to help develop and hone your skills could greatly improve your chances of success.

The term 'business coaching' encompasses:
  • executive coaching (for seniors)
  • start-up business coaching (for entrepreneurs)
  • management coaching (for team leaders)
  • interview coaching (for potential employees)

I utilise structure, impartiality and acquired expertise to help you explore your strengths, build on weaknesses and learn new techniques to help you excel in your fields.

How can a business coach help me?

I could help you by offering an external, objective and constructive perspective of your situation, acquiring positive results in the following areas:
  • You want to develop further public speaking skills
  • You want to improve communication skills
  • You want to start a new business
  • You need help managing a team
  • You need to make key changes and decisions
  • Preparing a CV
  • You want to improve your interviewee or interviewer skills
  • You need help with work/life balance
  • You need motivation